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Thank you for your interest in StepsApp. Here is a collection of the most frequently asked questions.

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Devices & Compatibility

Which devices are supported?

StepsApp uses your iPhone's built-in pedometer (it's actually a fully featured motion sensor) to count your daily steps. If you have an iPhone 5s or newer, StepsApp will work perfectly on your device.

I have an iPhone 5c. Why doesn't StepsApp work?

The iPhone 5c is based on the same technology as the iPhone 5. While being slightly newer, it does not come with a built-in pedometer either and therefore is not capable of counting your steps.

Why is there already data on first loading?

Your device tracks your steps in the background and stores this data for seven days. When you open StepsApp for the first time, the app can access the last seven days of data and imports this into the app.

Do I need to keep StepsApp open to track my steps?

You don't have to keep the app open. StepsApp will automatically track your steps in the background without draining your battery.

Apple Health

I get an error that StepsApp can't read my activity data or it just shows 0 steps.

Please check your privacy settings to make sure StepsApp has access to all activity types.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and go to "Privacy" > "Health" > "StepsApp".
  • Make sure that all switches are enabled!
  • Start StepsApp.
  • Open the StepsApp settings (the gear button in the upper left corner) and go to "Apple Health" and connect with Apple Health again.


Does StepsApp track any other activities?

If you have an iPhone 6 or newer, we also show you how many floors you climb. One floor is counted as approximately three meters (10 feet) of elevation gain. Just tap on the circle to switch between steps and floors.

Tell me more about the grey bars in the day view.

The grey bars show the hourly average number of steps you take. You can easily compare your results with the average number of steps taken over the last seven days.

How many steps should I walk per day?

Walking about 10,000 steps per day is a good rule of thumb for most people. If you reach this number, you are classified as "active". Another recommendation, especially if you are just starting out, is to try to stay above your seven-day average and improve with time.

How do you calculate the calories burned?

The amount of calories you burn depends on your body weight, size, age, sex and - most importantly - the distance you cover. The same amount of steps might result in different calorie values depending on your activity. Why? Your step length is usually longer when running than when you are simply strolling around in the city. This way you cover a much greater distance with the same number of steps – which in return results in a much higher calories-burned value.